Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Your happy list!

The holidays can be crazy busy...yet so much fun! It may seem as though you are run down come January. Recently when reading Redbook Magazine, one of the awesome articles mentioned having a happy list.

These can be things from your beauty routine, trying a new recipe, going out with friends or anything that makes you happy!

Here are a few things our Capelli stylists had on their "Beauty Happy Lists"...

"Getting a new set of extensions always brightens my day. When I get to put in different colors without always having to chemically change my hair is definitely on my happy list. Using some of my Paul Mitchell tools to curl it in different sizes and/or crimping it makes me feel great."
Mandy-Owner & Stylist

"I love sitting in front of my vanity and playing with a new makeup look and curling my hair. I turn on iTunes, rock out to some jams and play! Then I look in my closet for a fun outfit. I love being able to take my time and not feel rushed. This way if I try something new and I'm not to sure about it...I can start all over again! Having my makeup, my Paul Mitchell hair products and clothes at my fingertips with no time limit allows me to channel my inner fashionista and takes me to my happy place."  Christina-Stylist & Makeup Artist

"When a new palette for makeup comes out, I'm immediately thinking of new looks. Seeing the new colors that they come out with and how I can incorporate them with however I'm wearing my hair or whatever I'm wearing makes me happy. I can definitely say this is one of my top things on my beauty happy list." Josey-Stylist & Makeup Artist

"Being able to try different colors in my hair lets me show my personality. I love everything from all over baby pink, fire engine red to browns with teal accents. Anything that involves color and fun placement or all over makes my days so much happier. I'd say that getting my hair done is on my happy list." Kyle Ann-Stylist

"If there is a product I haven't used, I love putting it in my hair and trying it out. Being able to fall in love with it prior to introducing it to my guests, makes me feel confident  that they'll love it too. Having my hair feeling amazing and getting different looks all because of trying a new product makes me feel great. On the weekends I always love rocking a new lip color. I just started channeling my love for lipsticks so on the weekend I can wear a new color to see how I like it. When I'm out and about with my hair feeling great and having my lipstick on I'm definitely in my happy place."

"One thing that always makes me happy is changing my hair color or style. When it's time to get my hair colored I like to do a drastic change, I love switching it up and having fun with it. It makes me really happy to try new colors and styles I've never tried before." Sarah-Stylist

What's on your beauty happy list?

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