Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meet our newest team member...Cheryl!

"Hi there my name is Cheryl Ann Tomaszewski.

I’ve seen a lot of things in this world, and I’m a young 30. Some say I have an old soul because of it. I am personally glad because it made me look at life and things differently. I see the world in colors, shapes, and music notes. I love being different and I love being myself. I love to laugh and play.

I love that in becoming a hair stylist / make up artist I can help my clients, my people, be able to become just that. Happy with themselves, able to laugh and be different. Because when you feel confident you can do anything you set your mind to."

Check out her fabulous specials!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's pony tail time!

Low pony...High pony...Messy...Smooth...It's all about the pony tails!

Some days we need that quick "get me out the door" style. Pony tails don't have to be worn only to the gym ladies!

Spice up your normal pony by curling your hair before and giving your tail a little texture...OR...smooth out your hair and deep side part and place your pony low for a polished finish. Keep your bangs out, rock your center part or tease it all back and take it away from your face. Whatever you feel most comfortable with..DO IT!

Add ribbon to the band, wrap your hair around the hair tie or throw on a head band...having your hair pulled back also gives you the perfect opportunity to wear some fun spring colored earrings or statement necklaces!

What's your spring pony style is?!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Get rid of the winter blues by giving your skin a fabulous bronzed glow!

Bring a friend with you and you both will receive "Happy Hour" pricing no matter what day!*

*Must mention blog and offer valid thru June 30, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hair static be gone!

Winter. We seem to have that "love...hate" relationship with it. Your hair also has that relationship status with it! Lately a lot of women have been mentioning their hair seems "super dry" and has "so much static"...Ring a bell ladies?

We have a solution...Calling on "The Cream" from the Paul Mitchell SoftStyle line to the rescue. A product that will chase those phrases far far away and you'll never have to speak them again.

BUT the best part is that this product is amazing in winter but just as great in the summer. It will protect your hair from any sun damage that might occur (when the sun finally makes it's debut back into our lives).

Make Capelli a stop on your list and pick up this fabulous product!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Calling All Hair Extension Lovers!

Ever want a change that you know is impossible? Maybe you have short hair and want longer sides to create a “to die for” diagonal forward. Or is your hair in that “in between” stage and you just want it long and gorgeous?

What if I told you that it is WAS possible? Calling all my extension stylists! Yup…Extensions can give you everything you wanted in a matter of a few hours and last you up to 5-7 months. Want long hair? Done. Need Sides? No problem. Looking to make your hair a little fuller? Get ready cause your about to have the hair you dreamed of. Want to have colors or ombre but don’t want to color your own hair? You guessed it, not an issue. All these things can be done with the expertise of our extension stylists.

From now until May 31st we are offering AMAZING specials on Great Length Extensions! Take a look:

Full Head Extensions
12” Normal Price $    900.00                                             Special Price: $ 750.00
16” Normal Price $ 1,000.00                                             Special Price: $ 850.00
18” Normal Price $ 1,100.00                                             Special Price: $ 950.00

Half Head Extensions
12” Normal Price $    550.00                                             Special Price: $ 450.00
16” Normal Price $    650.00                                             Special Price: $ 550.00
18” Normal Price $    750.00                                             Special Price: $ 650.00

ON TOP of the special price you get a Bombshell Blowout card that includes 4 blowouts to your stylist with a value of up to $150 FREE!

Call and make your consultation today and don’t miss out on this amazing offer! Trust me kids...they are worth every penny!!

**Ombre and colored hair could be subject to additional charges**

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Meet our Stylist Sarah Smith!

"I have been a hair stylist since 2010. For cosmetology school, I attended Paul Mitchell the school in Sterling Heights, Michigan. After graduating, I right away felt really comfortable taking guests and creating some beautiful hair!

After a few months working as a stylist, I entered the world of extensions by getting certified with DiBiase hair extensions. I love extensions and I love doing them. They can completely change someones look, whether it's length they want or just for fullness. They can be a quick and easy way to add a pop of color or some subtle low lights or peekaboo highlights.

I recently have moved to the Rochester area and was so excited to snag a stylist position at Capelli Salon. I absolutely love this salon. The girls here are so inspiring and passionate about what they do, I'm always excited to come to work! In this atmosphere, I feel comfortable bouncing ideas off the other stylists and I love learning and growing every day. That's what I love about this industry, everyone is so passionate and creative; it definitely makes for a fun day at work.

As students at Paul Mitchell, we were called "Future Professional Day-makers", which after graduating I realized that is exactly what I am, a professional day-maker. Every single day, I make someones day! That is the best part of my job, making my guests smile and feel beautiful."

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What do you love about you?

Sometimes in the beauty and fashion world we lose focus on the good things...

When doing your normal morning routine instead of picking out the "flaws" find what you love about yourself and accent it...Maybe you have amazing lashes or full lips, try putting multiple coats of mascara and wearing a bold lipstick to draw attention to your favorite facial features.

While doing your hair, do the same thing! If your hair just looks so silky and smooth when straight or your hair wavy turns heads. Then make that your go to look.

I love in Marie Claire one girl states how she LOVES her curls. Even though there not always super easy to tend too she states "the bigger they are the better!"

Feel like trying something new? Make a compromise. If your going to try a new makeup look, wear your hair in a style you love and vice versa.

Remember just because you think it's something you don't like about yourself doesn't mean someone else is going to think that too.

Always remember: