Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pimp Your Crimp!

This may be some of your worst nightmares and may take you right back to the 80s, but Team Capelli has become very fond of crimped hair. All sizes, all hair types, all lengths. Anyone can rock it! Guess what...IT'S BACK! Most days at least one of us from Team Capelli is rockin' the crimped hair. Whether it be just a few pieces, or our whole head, clients love it and usually wonder how we get that desired result. Welp, Good Ol' Paul Mitchell has made that desired result easy for clients to receive when they purchase one PM's mini crimps!
Kyle rockin' crimps

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coming Soon..

So ladies and gentlemen if you are in need of bronzed skin for your next event but don't have time to lay out or in a tanning bed come to Capelli for the quick fix!

Stay tuned for pricing!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Bring Your Own Blow Dryer classes are next week on 

Thursday, July 25th @ 7pm or 8pm! Bring a new to

 Capelli friend and come for free or fly solo and pay 10

 bucks! Learn from your favorite stylist how to have

 salon hair everyday  

Call 248.841.1338 to reserve your spot today!

Take 5 minutes, Earn 5 bucks!

Take a few minutes and vote for Capelli on channel 4's Vote4theBest!

Take 5 minutes, Earn 5 bucks!

Bring in your confirmation email after voting and get 5 bucks off your next service!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ya Don't Have to Go to the Beach to get Waves!

Do you ever see a picture of hair and say...I can't do that?
Prime example A:

I have been researching ways to get those great beachy waves that I see everywhere on billboards, magazines, TV shows, and I tried different products, tools, and different techniques. I finally came across a great tutorial on how to get beachy waves...of course on pinterest! Cara Loren shows you how to quickly and easily get flawless waves that will last all day!

This Video Is Team Capelli Approved!
Paul Mitchell products to keep in mind from the Express Style Line:
While blow drying:
Fast Form- is a cream gel that will reduce drying time all while smoothing and taming hair.
After blow drying:
Hot Off the Press- is a thermal protection spray that will protect hair from heat and secures styles.
After curling:
Hold Me Tight- is a finishing spray with a strong enough hold to keep hair secure but soft enough to run your fingers through.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brushes. Brushes. Brushes.

If you gathered all the brushes up from Capelli and counted how many we have, it would probably be somewhere around 150 total. That. Is. Absurd. Who needs that many brushes?...Capelli does! And I will tell you why. Certain brushes are obviously meant for certain types of hair, so in order to give our clients the best service, treatment and perks we have invested in tons of different brushes. I had no clue what all these brushes were meant for, or what type of hair you use for each. But I put my pinteresting skills to test and found a great picture that explains just what every brush is and what kind of hair type it would be best used with!

Of course we sell a few of these brushes at the salon and of course they are only the best *cough...cough* Paul Mitchell! Ask your stylists about what brushes would be best on your hair type your next trip in!