Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's Tool Time!

Have you ever seen a picture or pass a person on the street and they gave you some hair inspiration? Then you go home and think to yourself…"If she can do that, so can I." So you go into your bathroom, look in the mirror and attempt to do what you saw but when all is said and done you look like you did absolutely nothing to your hair? Or it looks nothing like what you pictured? Let's be real. We have all been there and done that.

You look at the hot tool your using and think "It's not you...it's me!" When really it could be the other way around and the hot tool is saying that right back to you! Most non-professional styling tools do not heat up to the same degree, keep an even consistency of heat throughout the entire tool as the one your stylist uses or has the many great things infused into the plates that help give your hair the look you desire. For example: Express Ion Complex which not only gives hydration to your locks but also adds shine and helps cut down the time you spend on styling!

What if you could bring your things from home, sit in a chair and have 30 minutes with your stylist…She/He could show you how to get your desired look! They could explain how to hold your tool correctly, take a minute to elaborate on products that would help you get to the look you'd like and further define the art of using Paul Mitchell tools. That would be AMAZING wouldn't it? YES!

Well at Capelli we are so excited to add "Tool Time" to our menu. It's exactly what was described above! A one-on-one with your stylist to learn some of the techniques they use or tweak yours!

This holiday season make sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone you see. Feel and look your best by rocking that style you always wanted or duplicate what your stylist seems to always deliver to you on your visits.

Ladies…it's Tool Time! Call and book your appointment today!
Mention this blog post and receive $5 off your first Tool Time session.

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