Saturday, December 15, 2012

Its almost here, Christmas that is! TEN days to be exact. We have been quite busy here at Capelli beautifying our beloved clients for holiday parties and such. I had the opportunity of witnessing two really great transformations that our talented Kyle Ann and Mandy had the pleasure of creating.
came to Capelli with hair as black as night with a tint of blue. Her desired result was to be close to her natural hair color which would be shades of dark chocolate. So Kyle Ann put in a long 5 hours to help Sagen achieve this look. Sagen just sat with that pretty smile on her face awaiting the results! At one point during the process, Sagen, had "swamp" or "seaweed" hair...but we would never let her leave like that haha
I obviously had to capture this moment.
A longggggggg 5 hoursssss latttterrrrrr....
Wait for it...
OH! Kyle Ann added bangs too!
came strolling into Capelli looking for pricing for hair cuts and such. She got her info and walked away. Low and behold 2 hours later she came strolling back in on a mission! She had about 7 pictures of short hair cuts the she said "I want this." I set her up with Mandy, our resident hair guru, hair genius, and hair magician, oh, and owner ;) I knew she was in good hands!
These are Kaitlyn's long locks before:
Brace yourselves....this ones a doozy!
Kaitlyn's new sassy, sexy and super cute cut!
All in all this week has been a great one for our clients and our stylists. We hope that all of you are enjoying the Christmas season, as always dont hesitate to call if you need your hair done in a pinch!
248. 841.1338.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tis the season to be gorgeous

Nothing like a little fashion show beauty to kick the holiday season off! Team Capelli was more than thrilled to help Jamie Sturgill out in styling model's hair and makeup for The Deck the Halls Fashion Show on December 1st. Here is a little bit of evidence that Team Capelli stylists kick serious butt!

Lesson Learned!

Yep. Thats hair. I won't name names. Who am I kidding? Yes, I will. Its our receptionsit Stacy's hair. Welp, she was curling her hair on Wednesday and burnt her own hair off. Before any of you try this at home (haha just kidding) Please come in and have one of our talented stylists show you new tips and techniques before there are any more tragic hair casualties in this world!