Thursday, January 23, 2014

What do you love about you?

Sometimes in the beauty and fashion world we lose focus on the good things...

When doing your normal morning routine instead of picking out the "flaws" find what you love about yourself and accent it...Maybe you have amazing lashes or full lips, try putting multiple coats of mascara and wearing a bold lipstick to draw attention to your favorite facial features.

While doing your hair, do the same thing! If your hair just looks so silky and smooth when straight or your hair wavy turns heads. Then make that your go to look.

I love in Marie Claire one girl states how she LOVES her curls. Even though there not always super easy to tend too she states "the bigger they are the better!"

Feel like trying something new? Make a compromise. If your going to try a new makeup look, wear your hair in a style you love and vice versa.

Remember just because you think it's something you don't like about yourself doesn't mean someone else is going to think that too.

Always remember:

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