Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Our way of saying “Thank You” for your loyalty

Earn points for purchasing Take Home, pre-booking your next reservation, referrals and more!
Every guest at Capelli is automatically entered into our rewards program.

Point System:
      Earn 50 Points for every $10 in Take Home purchases per visit
      Earn 100 Points for every $50 you spend on services per visit
      Earn 100 Points for Pre-Booking your future reservation before leaving the salon
      Earn 500 Points when you refer a new guest

Every 100 Points = $1.00
Your points can be redeemed for free products, services or gift cards. Points accumulate and become redeemable at check out. You must use entire amount when redeeming (partial redemption will not be accepted). 

Don't worry about keeping track...Our computer system will do that for you! Just ask at check out how many points and $$ you have to spend! 

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