Thursday, May 9, 2013

Make Your Kissers Go From Boring to BAM!

If you are anything like me and stick to a natural look when I do my makeup I find that I get bored easily. So I started researching ways to kick it up a notch. One of the tips I wanted to try was a fuchsia lip! Scary! I wasn't brave enough to try it so I made two of our main ladies from Team Capelli put this to the test. 

Before                                  After

Adds pizzazz to match her hair and bring out her lips!

Before                                After

Gives that silver fox look a little color & pumps those kissers up!

-Dos & Don'ts To Keep in Mind-
-DO Remember to keep your eyes natural-
-DO Rock a cat eye and fuchsia lips-
-DON'T over do eye shadow (you'll look like MiMi from Drew Carey)-
-DO Take your look from day to night QUICK-
- DO a Fuchsia lip it will make your teeth look SUPER white-
- DO Have confidence while rocking your fuchsia kissers-

These Fuchsias passed Team Capelli's test:

Dior: Pink Caprice 475 bright lilac pink

Kat Von D: Painted Love Lipstick
Sephora Collection: Love Test II blueish bright pink

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