Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DON'T try this at home!

Recently while flipping through a magazine here at the salon I came across a big article about everything in life that you can DIY. Immediately, I got excited thinking about more tidbits of DIY knowledge. Overall the article was filled with great ideas from becoming your own personal trainer to how to upholster your own headboard. BUT, I disagreed on one part of the article:
How to Cut Your Own Bangs!
I instantly saw a flashback of my 4 year old self "cutting" bangs into my beautiful brown locks and hiding the hair behind my dresser while magically thinking my mom would never notice. Welp, She did. I have had countless friends try to "cut" their own bangs even if they just needed a trim and in reality they end up looking like this:
Ladies, Please learn from my mistakes and don't try cutting your own bangs. Even if you need a bang trim, leave it to the professionals. Believe me, stopping in at Capelli is a lot easier than walking around looking like a goofball for weeks waiting for your chopped bangs to grow out!
Let us help you out :)

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