Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Calling All Hair Extension Lovers!

Ever want a change that you know is impossible? Maybe you have short hair and want longer sides to create a “to die for” diagonal forward. Or is your hair in that “in between” stage and you just want it long and gorgeous?

What if I told you that it is WAS possible? Calling all my extension stylists! Yup…Extensions can give you everything you wanted in a matter of a few hours and last you up to 5-7 months. Want long hair? Done. Need Sides? No problem. Looking to make your hair a little fuller? Get ready cause your about to have the hair you dreamed of. Want to have colors or ombre but don’t want to color your own hair? You guessed it, not an issue. All these things can be done with the expertise of our extension stylists.

From now until May 31st we are offering AMAZING specials on Great Length Extensions! Take a look:

Full Head Extensions
12” Normal Price $    900.00                                             Special Price: $ 750.00
16” Normal Price $ 1,000.00                                             Special Price: $ 850.00
18” Normal Price $ 1,100.00                                             Special Price: $ 950.00

Half Head Extensions
12” Normal Price $    550.00                                             Special Price: $ 450.00
16” Normal Price $    650.00                                             Special Price: $ 550.00
18” Normal Price $    750.00                                             Special Price: $ 650.00

ON TOP of the special price you get a Bombshell Blowout card that includes 4 blowouts to your stylist with a value of up to $150 FREE!

Call and make your consultation today and don’t miss out on this amazing offer! Trust me kids...they are worth every penny!!

**Ombre and colored hair could be subject to additional charges**


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