Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekly Recap at Capelli!

There is a lot going on this week at Capelli! As the school year starts we are making big changes and chopping off a lot of hair for back to school.
 We also added more strands to a few loyal clients who were interested in Great Length Extensions. And their transformations were phenomenal to say the least.
Stacy decided it was time for a little less bob and a lot more hair action!
 She wanted more length and more fullness and her desired result was achieved!

Stephanie already has full thick hair, but she wanted to add length for her upcoming Vegas trip and festivities for the fall! This drastic change took Stephanie from blondie to bombshell!
 In Upcoming News:
We will be having our 2nd BYOB [bring your own blow dryer] class, Thursday, September 26th. This class offers clients the ability to learn how to create the salon look at home. You bring your tools and products and your favorite stylist will assist you in learning how to do what they do everyday! If you are interested in the next BYOB class book your session from 6-7:30 or 7:30-9. Only $10 to learn the techniques of the professionals!
Also receive a special discount on all Paul Mitchell tools and products if you attend this class!
Call 248.841.1338 to book your session now :)

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