Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brushes. Brushes. Brushes.

If you gathered all the brushes up from Capelli and counted how many we have, it would probably be somewhere around 150 total. That. Is. Absurd. Who needs that many brushes?...Capelli does! And I will tell you why. Certain brushes are obviously meant for certain types of hair, so in order to give our clients the best service, treatment and perks we have invested in tons of different brushes. I had no clue what all these brushes were meant for, or what type of hair you use for each. But I put my pinteresting skills to test and found a great picture that explains just what every brush is and what kind of hair type it would be best used with!

Of course we sell a few of these brushes at the salon and of course they are only the best *cough...cough* Paul Mitchell! Ask your stylists about what brushes would be best on your hair type your next trip in!

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